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Joe Judd



One of the very many reasons that Joe Judd has been chosen as the New Bern Civitan Club – Civitan of the Year – is for his long and stellar service to our organization.  Joe joined the Club in 2008 and by 2009, he was our Vice President.  From there, it was to President-Elect, President, Past President and Treasurer.  The only office that Joe hasn’t held is Secretary and he would probably take that on, if asked…maybe not!

            Joe and Norma live in Taberna.  Joe is a native of Tennessee.  When they retired they moved to New Bern.  We are lucky they did as they both have been hard-working volunteers and leaders of the Club.

            As President and beyond, Joe has been an advocate for “hands on” activities with the disabled population.  He has stood firmly behind our efforts at the Howell Prom, the Fishing Derby, Fall Festival of Fun and Beach Day – at which most of these events he has been a volunteer.  Over the time that the RCS Dinner program has been going, donations from the Judd household have been plentiful with food prepared almost every quarter since the initiative’s inception.  With Frank Court, Joe has been “Mr. Peanut Salesman” – storing the product at his home and starting the sales at the Farmer’s Market.  Joe has been a strong, focused and competent leader.

            As Treasurer, Joe has simplified the reporting process and automated our dues bills.  He has presented solid fiscal and charity budgets and has expanded our scholarship programs.  Joe has always “found” the funds for activities for the disabled – even if he had to put a buck or two in of his own money.

            The positive impact Joe has had on this club and the good that he has done for this community would take pages to describe.  Suffice it to say that we value his positive impact on this Club.  For these reasons and for many others, the Club is honored to make JOE JUDD the New Bern Civitan Club Civitan of the Year – 2017.  Thank you, Joe!